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Curriculum / Assessment

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2nd Semester Out-of-Field Teachers

1st Semester Out-of-Field Teachers 2018-19

As mandated by F.S. 1012.42

Name School Subject
Jeff Amerson Bethlehem Anatomy, Film Study
Kathy Blalock Bethlehem Social Studies (5th Grade)
Clay Carroll Bethlehem Digital Audio Production
Mary Dady Bethlehem ESE/Elementary Education; Middle/High School ESE Content
Sarah Elaine Bell Bonifay K-8 Art (K-8)
Amy Chestnut Bonifay K-8 Elementary Education (4th Grade)
Valerie Wink Bonifay K-8 ESOL (ELA)
Mandi Boyd Bonifay K-8 ESOL (ELA)
Michelle Dampier Bonifay K-8 5th-8th Self-Contained ESE (Missing Subject Area Certifications)
Amy White Bonifay K-8 English Language Arts (6th Grade)
Leigh Brown Bonifay K-8 ESOl (ELA)
Elizabeth Carnley Bonifay K-8 ESOL (Music)
Terri Enfinger Bonifay K-8 ESOL (ELA)
Julie Johnson Bonifay K-8 ESOL (Elementary Education)
Mika Marshall Bonifay K-8 ESOL (Math)
Gary Brown GAP Middle/High Science; Math for College Readiness
Trey Pike Holmes County High Spanish I, II; ESOL
Stephanie Pippin Holmes County High ESOL (Reading)
Paula Dixon Holmes County High ESOL (English I)
Jeromy Powell Holmes County High ESOL (HOPE)
William Forehand Holmes County High Agriscience Foundations; ESOL (Agriscience Foundations)
Carole Chandler Holmes County High ESOL (Principles of Biomedical Science)
Kevin Womble Holmes County Hgih ESOL (Recreation, Aerobics)
Amy Somerset Holmes County High ESOL (U.S. Government)
Carrie Thompson Holmes County High ESOL (Intensive Reading)
Randy Burlew Holmes County High ESOL (JROTC 1)
Christy Paul Holmes County High ESOL (Engligh II)
Brittany Brown Ponce de Leon High  Agricultural Use of UAS Technology; Information & Communications Technology
Donna Hicks Ponce de Leon High  ESOL
Stacey English Ponce de Leon High ESOL
Josh McGowan Ponce de Leon High ESOL
Cody Carroll Ponce de Leon High Physical Education
Melissa Whitledge Poplar Springs M/J U.S. History; ESOL
Carol Miller Poplar Springs M/J Language Arts 2; M/J Math 2
Deborah Jones Poplar Springs ESOL
Teresa Culbreth Poplar Springs ESOL
Jared Owen Poplar Springs ESOL
Elaine Jones Poplar Springs ESOL
Jana Trim Poplar Springs ESOL